Our Building's History


This beautiful historical brick building was built in the 1840’s and was owned by the Greenwoods Company until 1901. The railway ran directly to this site and the Farmington River was diverted to run through the building to power sewing machines which made sails for Navy ships. The first dam was built around 1816, by 1880 it was a 30 plus foot dam. The body of water created by the dam was known as Greenwoods Pond. The dam failed in 1936 destroying a large portion of the Industrial center, and was never rebuilt. Irish immigrants lived along the left bank of the Greenwoods pond which was called Lower Dublin, only 2 of these row houses still exist.

Many companies owned and occupied the property until the Hurley Family purchased the site in 1966 after their Collinsville building burnt down. The Hurley Mfg. Company, a custom spring manufacturer, still remains at the site and is owned and operated by The Hurley Family.

The site was the home of Ovation Instruments for the past 47 years until their closing in the summer of 2014. Many other businesses have come and gone over the years as well. The past leads to a brighter future. See the “Future” Tab to see our plans to make the area an inviting place to visit, not just for businesses but residents and tourist as well!




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